Mikey and His Sheep

ZRR here, formerly a St. Pete CB'er who transmitted from the downtown area. During my time on the air in St. Pete, I've been ridiculed, made be the brunt of most jokes, had my handles altered in many derogatory ways, most of which related to false allegations of Robitussin abuse. My point here is to show that I've put up with a lot of s*** from St. Pete CB users. Iíve even had my car subject to attack by a crazed person under the influence of Pepsi, a person with the handle of a furry woodland creature. Even more significant is your supposed humble master of this web page, who has brought much of the hash n' trash on me. However, over time I have found this quite fun and entertaining as it should be.

I am now transmitting from the Seminole/Largo area. With only a hand held cobra 40ch, connected to a mobile antenna overlooking the Lake Seminole skyline, about 50 feet in the air. Yes my friends, ZRR climbed this tree and made a very primitively rigged system to infiltrate the air waves, smack down in the middle of "Fly Town". As I transmit over the assorted sheet metal roofs of near by double wides, I've managed to piss off many people with my tiny little radio.

Mikey, as he's known to his beloved followers, I've dubbed his sheep, was of course the first one to dismiss and try not to acknowledge my existence. We can all recognize Mikey by his assorted preambles to a pseudo-intellectual speech he is about to give, usually starting off like, "Umm well, what you have to realize..." or, "You see......the thing here is". Of course he was the first one to bash me and immediately all of his dumb followers had to chime in afterwards. Mikey, sounding as if heís stoned and unable to breath through is nose, goes on to explain basic radio concepts to me and others as if he's teaching a 3rd grade class. It seems his job up here is to talk to his sheep while they stick their heads up his ass. Why be so hostile to ZRR though? This is by far the saddest area in the CB world. If someone dropped 5000 dollars worth of transmitting equipment in my hands, would it even be worth it to put it up? The same thing every night, CB'ers get home from work, or simply wake up, get on the radio and except for some technical talk, there are mostly sad attempts to make wise cracks. I have not once laughed at anything, I plea to the St. Pete CB radio community, PUMP IT UP!!

Finally, I decided to do a little intelligence test on the locals. I broke on the air waves as the voice of what was then tropical storm Isador, using a middle eastern / latin accent. Finally a local who did not recognize the name Isador (which is only on the news every 10 minutes), asked me where I'm from, so I play along, "Oh Jamaica." This dumb ass then believes they are talking skip to Jamaica, I play along more in disbelieve. Five minutes after I'm off the air, this person who I'll leave unnamed was bragging about talking to Jamaica. After about three nights of my short breaks as Isidor, they finally figured out who it was, the sad part is that Chuckstar had to blow my cover, and he can barely get a copy on me.

So I guess it goes, Snowskank will read her bible stories, when she finally stops, Mikey will break in and try an analyze how dumb she is, and for what reasons she does this. "UmmÖ well its obvious she wants attention and thatís the only way she can do it...bla, bla, bla..." Well no s***! You just go ahead and talk about her more, devote web sites to her, If I didn't know any better Iíd think Mikey and his sheep enjoy it. I guess its the only form of entertainment up here.

Thatís all for nowÖ ZRR

(c)2002 ZRR