Ship Of Fools (2018)

Let's go to Gulfport (2015)

In Yer Mouth (2015)

Autotuning Elvis (2010)

Fascism is Bad (2010)

End My Misery (2009)

Sheep (2009)

Brokered Radio (2008)

Lo-Fi Ataxia (2007)

The Death of Sophie (2006)

Liberty Street Station (2006)

Speechless (2006)

Fruity Loops Jam (2002)

Laser Gun Girl (2001)

drums: cedric harris
bass: cedric harris
guitar: cedric harris
keyboards: cedric harris
vocals: cedric harris
sampling: cedric harris
engineered by cedric harris

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Sometime back in 2006 I got the bright idea to do a hardcore gangsta rap album. My rap moniker was "The St. Pete Creep" aka "Fat Opie", and the album was to be titled "Source You Crave". I know... lame right? While it definitely sounds like a 22 year old white kid posturing as a hardcore motherf***er, some of the beats and rhymes on here still sound solid. Whatever, here it is. I performed all of the vocals, and I produced all of the beats, with the exception of the first track which is a cover of the Notorious BIG, and "Source You Crave" which was produced by my friend Billy Lindberg

1. Gimmie The Loot (intro)

2. Cool-Aid

3. Source You Crave

4. St. Creep

5. And That Stuff (Griz Mix)

6. Doses For Creeps (original mix)

7. Open Season (freestyle)

8. Notorious C.E.D. (I came on my face)

founded in 2004, the hale bopp suicides are quite possibly the best band to come from saint petersburg. lots of 4/4, total ear candy, elvis = skin basher, part-time white stripes tribute band, famous in south St. Pete, favorite drink = olde english 800... hale bopp suicides baby... awwww yeeeeaaahh

Instincts (2013)

Harmonica: Elvis Ciabatti --- Bass: Cedric Harris
Percussion: Elvis Ciabatti --- Guitars: Cedric Harris
Flute Recorder: Cedric Harris

Krazy Glue (original 2013)

Drums, Percussion & Vox: Elvis Ciabatti --- Guitar, Bass & Vox: Cedric Harris

Surf Jam (2013)

Drums: Cedric Harris --- Bass: Elvis Ciabatti
Guitar: Cedric Harris

Indoctrination (2013)

Drums, Percussion, & vocals: Elvis Ciabatti --- Guitar, Bass, & vox: Cedric Harris

Smoke A Bowl (2013)

Drums: Elvis Ciabatti --- Bass: Cedric Harris
Harmonica: Elvis Ciabatti --- Guitars: Cedric Harris
Lead Vocals: Elvis Ciabatti --- Piano: Cedric Harris
Percussion: Elvis Ciabatti --- Flute Recorder: Cedric Harris

Jesse's Gay (rock version 2008)

Drums & Vox: Elvis Ciabatti --- Bass, Guitar & Vox: Cedric Harris

Leave Me Alone (original 2008)

Bass & Vox: Elvis Ciabatti --- Drums & Guitar: Cedric Harris

In between The Hale Bopp Suicides v.1 and v.2, there was a band called Poached Rhino Train. Barrington Womble and Elvis Ciabatti started jamming back in 2002... later forming Head Change (2003) with Michael Franchi and myself. Head Change broke up after one gig, and the next band we had after that also broke up after one gig. Shortly thereafter, we were introduced to vocalist and guitar slinger Chris Farkass. Naturally, we built a studio, drank inhuman amounts of beer and started recording a demo tape that we would all eventually learn to hate. With the addition of new band members came a new name. I don't remember exactly who came up with the name, or why anyone would string together such words, but I do remember that I was one of the up votes. In any event, the demo was debuted in 2005 at a Halloween party being held by our lead guitarist. All in attendance agreed that it was the worst thing they had ever heard and we never spoke of it again... until now.

Drums: Cedric Harris & Elvis Ciabatti
Bass: Elvis Ciabatti & Cedric Harris
Lead Guitar: Barrington Womble
Guitar & Lead Vox: Chris Farkasfalvy
Turntables: DJ MadMonk
Lead Vox on Cactus: Elvis Ciabatti
Lead Vox on Jesse's Gay: Cedric Harris

All songs by "Poached Rhino Train", except Cactus, by the Pixies
and Jesse's Gay by Billy Lindberg & Cedric Harris

1. 3 Sum

2. I Know

3. We Don't Care

4. Cactus

5. Jesse's Gay

6. The P Jam

7. Catatonic

8. Leave Me Alone

9. You're Gonna Die

In addition to multi-tracking music by myself, I've also jammed with many great musicians. Here's a little audio from bands I've played with over the years. I'm going to try to include as much obscure stuff as possible, ranging from one-off sessions that I sat in on, to demos from local bands I played with. I'm also going to try to throw in some more recent collaborations, and other oddities. I engineered most of these recordings, and I think they rock. But if there are any complaints, email

Cedric Harris (feat Daniel P.) - Fast Food (01/18/2013)

Sequencer: Cedric Harris & Daniel P. - Vocals: Cedric Harris & Daniel P.

Cedric Harris & Ville Laaksonen - Cedric's Beard Blues (Spring 2012)

I had been sitting on this rhythm track for awhile, and never managed to record a solo that I liked.
So I sent it to Finland, and it came back awesome. Thanks Ville, you rock.

Drums: Cedric Harris - Bass: Cedric Harris
Rhythm Guitar: Cedric Harris - Lead Guitar: Ville "Lightning" Laaksonen.

Pedro & The Man - Hippie Town Massacre (2010)

Written by Carmen Gemus

Drums: Cedric Harris - Bass: Carmen Gemus
Rhythm Guitar: Carmen Gemus - Lead Guitar: Cedric Harris

JC's Freestyle in the studio (2010)

Drums: Cedric Harris - Vocals: JC

Joey Dice - 24 Hours of Drinking Beer (May 2009)

Drums: Cedric Harris - Bass: Elvis Ciabatti
Guitar & Vox: Joey Dice

Joey Dice - I Am Who I Am (May 2009)

Drums & Bass: Cedric Harris - Guitar & Vox: Joey Dice

Mitch DePirro - Hate Driven (2007)

Written by Mitch DePirro

Drums: Cedric Harris - Bass: Mitch DePirro
Guitar: Mitch DePirro

Almost Opposite - Jesse's Gay/Catatonic - Live at Boomerz (04/15/2006)

Jesse's Gay by Cedric Harris / Catatonic by Chris Farkasfalvy & Barrinton Womble

Drums: Cedric Harris - Bass: Mitch DePirro
Lead Guitar: Tim Yeazell - Rhythm Guitar/Vox: Chris Farkasfalvy
Turntables: DJMadMonk

Almost Opposite - Almost Opposite/Today - Live at Boomerz (04/15/2006)

Written by Tim Yeazell

Drums: Cedric Harris - Bass: Mitch DePirro
Lead Guitar: Tim Yeazell - Rhythm Guitar/Vox: Chris Farkasfalvy
Turntables: DJMadMonk

Almost Opposite - Forgive But Don't Forget - Studio Demo (05/05/2006)

Written by Chris Farkasfalvy & Mich DePirro

Drums: Cedric Harris - Bass: Tim Yeazell
Guitar: Chris Farkasfalvy - Vocals: Mitch DePirro

Poached Rhino Train - P Jam (alt version 11/17/05)

Written by Dirk McQuickly

Drums: Cedric Harris - Bass: Elvis Ciabatti
Rhythm Guitar: Chris Farkasfalvy - Lead Guitar: Dirk McQuickly
Turntables: DJMadMonk

The Hale Bopp Suicides - The Interlude (Yulia Mix 2004)

Drums: Cedric Harris - Bass: Elvis Ciabatti
Lead Guitar: Ron Nasty - Rhythm Guitar: George Spencer
Lead Vocals: Mitch DePirro

Head Change - The Interlude - Live at Gators (12/12/03)

Written by George Spencer

Drums: Michael Franchi - Bass: Cedric Harris
Lead Guitar: Barrington Womble - Rhythm Guitar: George Spencer

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